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The Firm

We are the only full-time law firm in the Champlain Islands, serving Grand Isle County (South Hero, Grand Isle, North Hero, Alburgh, and Isle LaMotte), Franklin County, and Chittenden County, Vermont for over 30 years.

Our firm has a friendly, knowledgeable, cross-trained staff with a combined 17 years of law office expertise, and are available to work with our clients. All of us at the firm live and work in the Champlain Islands, and have roots and commitment to the community.

We strive to be the attorney you can trust and turn to for all of your legal advice. We are your local family lawyer.

What we do:

Our firm has extensive experience in many areas of law practice:

Real Estate Law: representing buyers and sellers, dealing with zoning issues, grievances¸ and tax appeals of property tax assessments.

Family Law: handling divorce, child support, spousal support, private juvenile cases, parental rights and responsibilities, parent child contact, stipulation and decrees, and court proceedings and hearings.

Estate Trust Planning: assisting with wills, codicils, Advanced Directives for Health Care, trusts and estate; with contacts with heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, banks or financial institutions, court hearings, accounting, inventories, assets and debts, distributions and closing.

Business Law: assisting small businesses in establishing a new corporation, limited liability company (LLC), obtaining Federal ID Number (EIN), tradename registration or cessation, resolutions, operating agreements, by-laws, business annual reports and business acquisitions representing either buyers or sellers,

Litigation: handling suit or personal injury representation, civil suits, and limited criminal matters, from complaint to sue, mediation and settlement, and court hearings including the Vermont Judicial Bureau.

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